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Your community in safe hands
We are trusted by some of the largest companies across the games, media, defence and other industries. We help ensure communities are safe by providing cutting edge community management and moderation tools.
We process billions of messages each week and ensure communities thrive across the world.
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Spirit at its core
Natural Language Understanding
To understand people, their motivations, and the nuance of social interactions, we need to comprehend natural language communication. NLU is at the core of our AI technology and enables us to build increasingly sophisticated behavioural classifiers that incorporate multiple layers of contextual sensitivity.
Natural Language Generation
The value of rich natural language social interactions can't be understated. The future of human computer interaction will reflect this richness. Personality will have an intrinsic role in creating memorable and engaging interactions which will lead to a new paradigm of sharing information.
Knowledge Management
The usefulness of AI is intrinsically linked with that AI's knowledge of the world within which we want it to operate. Flexible and dynamic management of this knowledge is central to the development of productive AI. The ability to continually re-evaluate a world view enables our AI to operate within a variety of environments.
Hello Ally
Ally is an industry-leading suite of products that enables organisations to analyse, understand and safeguard their online communities. As existing solutions rely heavily upon proactive abuse reporting or keyword redaction, Ally utilises sophisticated AI technologies. This analysis provides the unique power to automate the interception of abuse, all the time, in near real-time.
Context Driven Analysis
Contextual analysis is at the core of Ally. From individual characters through to multiple conversations, Ally is capable of detecting behaviour such as aggression, harassment, bullying, identity focused hate speech, white nationalism, grooming, fraud, and other targeted speech.
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Voice or text
Ally has partnered with Intel to utilise their powerful Speech-to-text tools, giving Ally the capability to ingest either audio or text.
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Industry-leading moderation workflow
One of the most important aspects of moderating a community is the workflow. We have built a robust workflow with efficiency and moderator well-being in-mind.
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Powerful automation
Ally gives you the capability to define a set of logical conditions that will automate an operation when met. This can be used to ensure actor actions are automatically synced between Ally and your system.
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Deep insights into community trends
Ally contains a data and analytics layer that acts as the backbone of your view into your community. Seeing the shape of your community and how communication trends change over time will enable you to perceive your community in a whole new way.
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Hosting options
Ally can run on any cloud infrastructure whether it is a fully managed service or a self-hosted solution
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Why use Spirit?
Using no solution
Toxicity spreads causing members to leave
Little understanding of how to nurture and grow your community
Moderators overworked with motivation and wellbeing effected
Using alternative solutions
Uses brittle keyword filtering - completely inflexible and becomes difficult to adapt
Claim to use 'AI and machine learning' but usage is light and primitive
No means of accessing and searching your own data
Using Spirit
Uses cutting edge natural language understanding technology enabling multi layered contextual analysis
Rapidly adjusts to changing behaviour and trends
Operation automation via rules defined by you, allowing your team to focus on what's important
Use powerful search tools, scan your millions of messages within milliseconds
Moderation workflows designed for efficient and rapid moderating of actors
Multiple deployment options from the cloud (SaaS) to self-hosted software delivery and bespoke enterprise solutions
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