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What we're made of
Data Science
Data Science and AI Engineering are at the center of what we do as a company. We're passionate about the transformative power of AI and the importance of responsible and ethical AI development. As a diverse and multidisciplinary team focussed on producing products, not just research, we take care to consider inclusivity both within our process as well as how our software impacts our customers and their customers.
We are a company who develops AI driven software and high quality engineering is central to our approach. Automated testing, system observability, and a decoupled component-based system architecture are all fundamental to how we make sure our products are flexible, robust, and well suited to our customers’ needs.
Business & ethics
We adhere to a ‘human in the loop’ methodology, and strongly believe in human-led AI collaboration, not human replacement. Our solutions are context sensitive and support the agreed values of the community. We do not provide our technology for purposes of censorship. We have a corporate social purpose to provide our technology to non-profits and our local communities.
Proud of our values
Ensuring the future of AI is inclusive and ethical
Our purpose is to help ensure the safe and beneficial introduction of AI that i ethical, inclusive and empowering for all. We partner with other AI thought leaders and practitioners, academia, and industry groups across the world to agree research and programming standards that support these beliefs.
Creating beautifully engineered tools
The most compelling interactions satisfy a deep human need. We want to enable digital interactions that are beautifully natural for people to experience – by creating products that are elegant and intuitive for users and developers and supportive of our communities and environment.
Serving our local
We understand that our technology offers real opportunity to do good, and we want to be sure that our local communities don’t have to wait to enjoy the benefit. We support pro-bono work for our employees and invest 5% of our profits in great AI projects to enable not-for-profit organisations.
Our culture
Lasting societal impact is our ambition. We love our engineering and data sciences work, and helping clients overcome tough issues with advanced technology gives us real purpose. We strongly believe in safe personal and community spaces and ensuring all have a voice.
Steve Andre, CEO
"We’re fortunate to work with so many like-minded friends in leading digital communities, who share our goal of improving communication, empowerment and inclusivity."
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