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Senior Data Engineer


London, UK



Start Date


Spirit AI – Senior Data Engineer

Who are we?

Ally is an industry-leading suite of software products that enables organisations with online communities to both analyse and understand those communities. Ally enables this while safeguarding their users against negative behaviour, such as grooming, racism, homophobia and bullying. As existing solutions rely heavily upon proactive abuse reporting or keyword redaction, which are insufficient approaches, Ally utilises sophisticated AI technologies such as language and behavioural analysis. This analysis provides the unique power to automate the interception of abuse, all the time, in near real-time. Our clients include some of the games industry’s biggest names and across all of our clients we process billions of messages a month. As Ally grows, we aim to expand our market reach beyond the games industry.

Psychological safety is a core principle for how we operate as a team. We encourage every member of the team to speak up and contribute ideas when there are ways to improve what we are building and how we work together. As a team who works at least 80% remotely (even before the lockdown began), we feel this is critical to our collaboration. We encourage personal and professional development both individually and as a team. This is through formal or informal knowledge sharing as well as team tutorial sessions. 

Job Description

You will be part of a friendly, respectful and close-knit team working on some of the most important challenges we face when trying to ensure online communication is safe and inclusive for everyone. You will be working across the stack, improving existing functionality, and developing new areas of the application as the product grows and adapts to client requirements. You should be an effective communicator and be able to work as part of a diverse company.


  • Designing and building new areas of functionality based on both client and internal requirements
  • Expanding and optimizing Ally’s data and data pipeline architecture as well as optimizing how data flows through the system
  • Improving existing areas of the application
  • Ensuring your code is written and maintained to a high standard
  • Providing input to the software and system architecture and contributing toward their development
  • Pairing with and training junior engineers
  • Producing documentation, estimates, design and functional specifications for use by internal teams
  • Working within the Ally Software Engineering team and working closely with the Ally Product Lead, Chief Architect, and Ally Data Science team members
  • Fixing internal and client-submitted defects



  • Minimum 5 years Javascript and Python software development experience (TypeScript preferred)
  • Experience with ElasticSearch, Kafka, Redis, Google Cloud and/or AWS
  • Backend experience in Node.js
  • Comfortable using Git alongside a Docker or Docker Compose based development environment
  • Skill and drive to develop highly performant code and database queries
  • Nice to have: any SQL database, any graph database
  • Nice to have: Front End experience – React.js, SASS or LESS
  • Desire and skill to discover and fix errors in code
  • Work effectively within an Agile framework, adhering to agile best practices and processes including TDD using Jest, BDD. We consider the creation and maintenance of automated tests as a critical responsibility not just a nice-to-have
  • Superb soft skills are essential. Social intelligence and empathy are critical given the problem we are trying to solve with Ally.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.