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So much more than 'translation'
When it comes to localising our classifiers, we use an approach that combines human language fluency and AI automation. This approach allows us to incorporate a cultural sensitivity including idioms that are specific to the language at hand. Cultural legacy is something we have found is only possible to incorporate by having a human in the loop. Our approach is able to handle concepts, such as xenophobia, that are incredibly specific to a language and culture. Machine translation techniques alone are insufficient to handle this degree of cultural understanding.
Spirit work with some of the largest companies across the games, media and other industries. We process billions of messages each month and ensure communities thrive across the world.
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Our progress
We have released our most recent generation of AI software in English and Portuguese. Within the first half of 2021, we will be working through Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. The next steps will include Turkish and Korean before moving onto even wider language support. Our localisation roadmap is driven by the needs of our customers. If your community requires a broader set of languages, we have additional tools that enable you to extend our software to bridge the gap.
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