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One platform driving a thriving community.
Ally is the world’s leading tool for managing your online community. Eliminate bad actors, reward the good ones and truly understand what makes your community tick.
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Context Driven Analysis
Contextual analysis is at the core of Ally. Layers of contextual analysis spanning the relationships between characters, between phrases, between messages, and between actors all allow for a rich understanding of how people communicate on your platform. Ally is capable of detecting behaviour spanning topics such as aggression, harassment, bullying, identity focused hate speech, white nationalism, grooming, fraud, and other targeted speech. The Ally behavioural taxonomy is highly configurable and we work with our customers to tailor it to their needs.
Voice or text
Ally is capable of handling both text and audio input. Through our partnership with Intel, Ally includes industry leading speech-to-text software, we are able to provide audio support that can be run in any cloud, inside a closed network, or even self contained on a single computer.
Industry-leading moderation workflow
One of the most important aspects of moderating a community is the workflow. We have built a robust workflow with efficiency and moderator well-being in-mind.
Powerful Automation Tools
The automation logic within Ally is highly configurable. Conditions can be layered ensuring you have control over the precise nature of the logic defining the rule. Rules are versioned and the timeline of the automation execution allows you to see how your rules are shaping your community.
Deep insights into community trends
Truly understanding how your community works and how it changes over time is critical to maintaining its health. When your trust and safety team makes a change to a policy or intervenes to address an issue, they need the insights Ally provides to help validate their successes or determine where further work is needed.
Send Ally your entire message data stream. Ally can ingest non-verbal events too. Knowing someone has left the room can help provide context.
Stories are conversations that have been flagged by Ally. They are labelled with one or more behavioural themes.
Actors are the participants of a story. You’ll want to rehabilitate bad actors and reward good ones.
Actions are configurable within Ally and should be a one-to-one reflection of how your system works. If your system can mute someone for 37 minutes, Ally can handle it.
We talk a lot about moderators in the context of Ally, but Ally can be used by anyone in your organisation. Especially the people who are interested in and involved in maintaining the health of your community.
Ally supports the definition of complex and specific automation rules. These rules can trigger webhooks alerting your system when an event matches the logic you’ve defined.
The contextual analysis at the core of Ally is capable of detecting a wide span of behaviours. These range from overt bouts of racist abuse to more subtle grooming behaviour where no individual message is toxic, but the overall impact on your community is severe. Ally can detect positive and helpful behaviour too.
Explore your data like never before
In addition to the focussed moderation workflow, Ally enables you to search and explore your community data. Whether you want to find all the participants who are talking about your latest product feature, or the conversations where people are saying “Stop flirting with me!”, Ally’s powerful search and filtering capability will help you discover more about what makes your community tick.
Seamless syncing
Through the use of customer definable webhooks, Ally can automatically send data back to your system. This closes the loop between sending Ally your data stream and having Ally alert your system when chosen social interactions take place or actions are applied to actors through the moderation workflow. Both of these operations execute in real-time.
The Ally System is composed of many components. These components are designed to work independently, but the Ally System is most effective when used in combination. We recommend our clients start by using the whole Ally System unless they have very specific technical challenges to overcome. The components fall into the following three categories.
data science
Our core AI technology is composed of several independent micro-services integrated with the rest of the Ally System through API layers. Though the majority of Ally's processing capability requires a message to have been received, the Ally Message Analysis API can be used to process messages "in-flight". This capability is used to support message filtering and redaction requirements. The core AI technology is designed to operate in real-time and with a minimal infrastructure footprint.
community management tools
Behind the Ally UI is the Ally API. This API is both the interface for ingesting your data stream as well as making programmatic requests to the Ally System. The data stream processing architecture behind the Ally API supports sophisticated asynchronous contextual analysis utilising the full history of data stored within Ally. Through the use of webhooks, the Ally Automation Rules can automatically send data back to your system. This closes the loop between sending Ally your data stream and having Ally alert your system when chosen social interactions take place or actions are applied to actors through the moderation workflow. Both of these operations execute in real-time.
beautiful UI & UX
The Ally UI is broken into three main user journeys: Exploration enables users to explore their own data through the lens of Ally's analysis. Moderation encompasses both work assignment and moderation workflow management. As part of the moderation portion of Ally, community managers can configure track the Ally Automation Rules using a powerful and easy to use set of UI modules. The third user journey handles the administration of Ally itself. User access controls, configuration of product integrations, and organisational management can all be handled through the UI.
Hosting options
The Ally System has been designed to enable flexible hosting options. Ally can run on any cloud infrastructure whether it is a fully managed service or a self-hosted solution. We can also extend Ally to support bespoke enterprise requirements as needed and have considerable experience doing so.
Ally is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) where the monthly price is a product of the volume of data sent to Ally and the length of time the raw data is retained within Ally. Raw data can be retained for 30, 45, 60, or 90 days. Processed data and behavioural analysis is stored indefinitely to maximise the value of Ally's ability to take historical context into account.
Alternatively, Ally can be delivered as a self-hosted solution priced as a site license for your cloud infrastructure. The self-hosted software delivery option is a good choice if you wish to plug Ally components into your existing system in the cloud. This enables your team to manage the scalability of the solution and exactly how it is integrated.
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